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Woke Capitalism, the Future of Business, and Why We Quit Amazon, Google, Netflix

Nov 24, 2020 | Business & Enterprise

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Last week, James Lindsay set the standard for political alliance at rationality. Fine but not necessarily a solid measure of who you can trust to guard your six. And as we saw, reason is… half the reason we’re in this mess, as megacorporations go woke for their benefit. You know, the whole Woke Capitalism thing.

Incidentally, reason may be a laudable, individual character trait. But in business, all you need do is mix it with equal parts ruthlessness and bailouts. And then you get a potent cocktail.

Bottoms up.

Nevertheless, Mr. Lindsay is back this week with two questions buried at the end of his piece.

That is, even the Constitution offers us uncomfortably little protection against Woke totalitarianism as the Woke gain cultural hegemony and, as a result, control over ever more levers of power. Theirs is a war waged at the levels of interpretation, meaning, and context, and until we stand up firmly against their empowerment, we risk finding out in very disquieting ways just how crucial those can be.

“Bravo, James.” (said in my best evil Bond villain voice)

After all, I didn’t suggest courageously standing just on a whim. But although I don’t know the man, I do wonder. When did he last get that much-needed gadget Primed to his house? Or booked an AirBnB as he watched Netflix?

Or cashed a check from his book sales on Amazon?

Mr. Lindsay, not unlike many politicians, doesn’t firmly provide any answers. Instead, we’re left to surmise from Tweets and blog posts who to trust and how to stand. One also has to wonder what sort of ally he truly intends to be, bellwether or fairweather.

And whether he would like to admit it or not, with his books, he is a businessman too after all. And subject to the same balancing act all of us are in that world. Put another way: he benefits from woke capitalistic platforms just as much as the next guy.

Maybe more so.

So, what will it be, the rationality of profit or principles? The eternal question for business and civic leaders.

Yet, while he leaves us to wonder beyond abstracts, let’s turn to more concrete courses of action. And get ourselves an answer to the pressing questions, what are we supposed to do? And by what right would we do it?

Let’s talk business and Woke Capitalism.

Over the past three or so years, my family had become incredibly skeptical of major corporations. Having spent time in the corporate world, I knew that it was filled with many unsavory elements. You can probably imagine what I mean, and you wouldn’t be far off.

Although we only relied on a few megacorporations, it was becoming clear where this was all going.

Still, I assumed the looming corporate debt crisis would take care of at least some of this issue. Admittedly, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Woke Capitalism is so much bigger. Because the megacorporations, politicians, and financial industry aren’t “getting woke and going broke.”

Instead, they scream in unison… Fire up the money printer and burn down the buildings!

So then throw a wrench in the money printer

Pretty obvious, right?

As a businessman, the very first thing I did was to start disconnecting. We cancelled our Amazon, Netflix, and everything else. We stopped using Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Wait, but didn’t I just say these companies can’t go broke?

Yes; however, these megacorporations still have to pretend at face that they’re businesses. In fact, they partially get their legitimacy through this method. And as business entities they rely on number of users, new sign ups, and other factors. What happens when Facebook is a wasteland of bots? Or Amazon can’t get anyone to partner with them?

Sooner or later, the jig will be up. And one man turns into millions opting out and denying them the façade of their legitimacy.

There’s power in that denial.

When they burn buildings, build new platforms

You can’t stop the mob from tearing down their own cities. Or tech companies from de-platforming dissident voices.

But you can still build your own platforms.

And this is what’s got me busy right now. As a businessman, I’m working like Hell to set up new businesses that pivot away from this bullshit. And that, folks, is the biggest lesson in this situation.

Pay attention; you’re about to get the business tip of your life.

Can you imagine it for a second? The biggest, most dominate players, who want to suck up all the marketshare are also alienating at least half the country. Not only are they doing that, they’re practically forcing sane businessmen to build a parallel world. And they’ve pissed off businessmen like me.

But the untold entrepreneurial opportunities out there right now—to launch traditionally-minded companies—are spectacular. You have a hugely under-served market of conservative-minded people being shunned by business.

What the fuck are you waiting for?

And remember that cocktail we were talking about earlier? You know, equal parts reasonable ruthlessness with bailouts. What if we replaced it with a spirit of old ways, local community, and business savvy?

Now that world is exciting enough that I can drink to it. Cheers, my friends!


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