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Why Have So Many Gone in for Woke Delusions and Madness?

Jun 3, 2021 | Civics & Politics

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For the better part of a year, dissident men have been puzzling over two simple yet nonetheless difficult questions to answer. Why exactly have so many people, including the elite, completely and totally lost their marbles? And why is it always cloaked in woke-ish language? Answers vary, of course, but the evidence is easy enough to find. By and large, you only need turn on any official media source to drown in it now that these have become little more than mouthpieces for elite and social justice interests. Any day now, you might expect to wake up and be told we’re suppose to wholeheartedly accept trans-species sex or a new rule that we all have to walk around with our eyes closed because of a magic disease which renders us blind.

Moreover, the list of absurdities has been growing over the past few years in this quagmire, most notably with the cult of Covidians last year. And for many men, their world has become a balancing act of convoluted, often contradictory principles which must be professed to and manically cheered for. At the same time, the taste-makers at the top seem to have no problem keeping up, as they dictate every new capricious flavor of the week. Whenever they deem it fit, they reverse course or add another paradoxical layer to the craziness everyone is supposed to pretend to believe. In either case, the accelerating inversion of everything normal or good should be our first clue to answering our question.

Still, one answer is that we’re dealing with, at heart, a new religion. Recently, dissident voices like Lyndsey James of New Discourses and the Z-man have latched onto this explanation. And while this commentary does provide an answer which is fine at face value, it remains one of those interpretations, a time-honored one in fact, which is too easy to reach for and which doesn’t provide enough explanatory or predictive power. After all, mere zeal or simple philosophy is not religion, although it may have features of religiosity which we can compare.

Yet, the contrast is striking when you consider differences between the woke beliefs of the managerial class and what we understand about religion. Probably the most striking is how religious adherents are often willing to die for their beliefs. Conversely, does anyone think the insane and woke-ish around us will die for any of the nonsense they profess to believe? No, whether common student, corporate executive, or elite politician, they don’t actually believe all that much in what they’re saying. Scratch one of them, and you’ll often uncover your garden variety psycho of some degree. And from my conversations across these technocratic-minded demographics, none of them seem to truly believe any of the absurdities they promote or demand allegiance to.

More pedantically, what the managerial class believes isn’t very stable either. Rather, we find the shifting sands of a precarious set of beliefs which change by the minute or hour. Often these beliefs, simply hysterical or fully dyed-in-the-wool woke, counter, contradict, and negate each other from moment to moment, without any concern to the believers. However, when we look at religion, we see belief that is often stable across many generations. It does, as anthropologist Scott Atran has shown, typically have a conviction at its heart that’s minimally counter-intuitive (ie, the central religious belief is just out-of-the-ordinary enough in a certain way, such as the man from Galilee who rose from the dead). Weird enough to remember, but not so weird it’s impossible to continually share it down through the ages. And contrary to pop psychology explanation, religious belief isn’t anything like a game of telephone or else it wouldn’t replicate well. But at the same time, what you find with the woke-ish and crazy with us today is exactly this sort of volatile and childish game. After all, it’s practically become a joke with dissidents how many letters can continue to be added to the acronyms of the aggrieved alliance.

Still, if religion isn’t it, what might a different answer look like?

For the managerial class, volatility and inversion aren’t the only specials of the day here. Instead, it’s these but also language replete with ideas about safety, compliance, and solidarity. Or said differently: language saturated with emotional pleas that hijack normal concerns about risk, rules, and relationships. Why is this important? Because these basic concerns are very difficult for most people to argue against, if at all. And the woke, including the elite, have gained a powerful weapon in doing so: the ability to strip away any resistance.

Put another way: it’s not about empowering the already aristocratic elite or their minions. As Z-man has noted, although myopically, they already have plenty of power. Instead, however, like a rich man stacking cash for future generations, it’s about creating perfect and unconquerable generational dominance. In reality, it’s not about gaining power but about reducing friction to power. And also about dis-empowering, or reducing the opposition’s ability to ever mount an effective response now or in the future, let alone organize and resist. Without the ability to organize, the opposition will cease to exist in its entirety one day. And this is similar to what we’ve seen before in the way that small bands of brothers are targeted during warfare.

Of course, it was Albert Camus who said, in Resistance, Rebellion, and Death, that “The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” And in this case, history is on repeat. And so, we’re easily able to predict who is most at risk of embracing woke-related beliefs. What predicts whether someone will turn and “get woke?” When a person or groups of people already has damaged relationships and character defined by anti-social behavior, or worse, psychotic tendencies. This is how you get, on the one hand, academicians like Nassim Taleb or bureaucrats like Fauci, who woke-ishly and tyrannically fear-monger as they weaponize the precautionary principle. Or companies like Facebook banning obvious satire like the Babylon Bee as “hate speech.” But also, on the other side, how you get roving bands of dumb, awkward Millennials demanding that we accept drug addicts and perverts as our most virtuous icons. The more anti-social our population becomes, the more the mania of contradiction and paradoxes escalates.

“We have to do something, anything! We have to do it for the children!”

Not only is this what all woke beliefs boil down to, emotion-as-a-blunderbuss, there is only one way, historically, to truly combat it. Where once cooler heads might have prevailed even in underhanded times, we now have a class of people hellbent on snuffing out any hint of opposition and enacting revenge for the most minor of slights. They are very literally sociopaths, freaks, and demented individuals with control issues. Not only do they consistently accelerate their madness and contradictions in an ever-shifting quicksand of farce, they are increasingly attempting to preempt their opposition’s wising up to this singular effective strategy by dramatically screeching about extremism.

That strategy is to stop giving a fuck at all about the emotional pleas. Yes, even the ones about the God damn children.

Or put another, more crude way: men will realize, sooner or later, a truism of history. This being that your only ability to resist this particular onslaught of over-dramatic insanity is by becoming the very heartless bastards they say you are, men who will let fake cries of “inclusion,” “social justice,” or “we’re all in this together” fall on completely deaf ears. And men who will not be swayed by how many old people a pandemic might kill. Or who won’t care how bad “gun violence” gets. These are all non-starters. In a way, this is also why meme-warfare and mocking have been so effective, or partially so, in fighting the insanity and woke-ism: they peel away any pretension of compassion.

And so, they take away the only real power these anarcho-tyrants actually cling to.

This is also why an entire generation of men will need to be shown that the answer to woke insanity isn’t in the philosophy books, legal arguments, or official political movements. There is a time and place for for those, but it’s not now or here. And as Vox Day often says, you can’t fight rhetoric with dialectic. Rather, our lesson is found in a potent age-old story best illustrated by King Agesilaus of Sparta.

When asked why Sparta lacked any stone fortifications or large walls to protect itself, the mighty king boldly tapped his chest before pointing to the hard-hearted, uncompromising men standing with him.

“These are Sparta’s walls.”


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