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Something Predicted This Way Comes: Wagers and Bets for 2021

Dec 31, 2020 | Short-form, Trendwatching

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All in all, you have to wonder if famed science fiction authors like Ray Bradbury might have imagined the tangible reality of craziness we’ve seen in 2020. But his book, Something Wicked This Way Comes, offers us poignant lessons in the battle against fear and darkness. And so, this is what’s on my mind as I make my wagers and gambles for the next year.

Will 2021 be as full of destructive forces from collective insanity? In either case, here’s where I’m placing my bets for what we’ll see.

  1. Masking and other “pandemic” measures will continue but with intense pushback
  2. There will be a significant and undeniable economic crisis of immiseration in the United States
  3. Vaccine passports will be rolled out to the public, creating an official two-class system
  4. Many consulting companies are wrong about this being the year of AI, though we’ll hear a lot about it
  5. Banks and processors will begin de-platforming dissidents from financial transaction systems
  6. Crime, especially violent crime, will exceed everyone’s wildest imaginations in 2021
  7. Several major new, parallel internet platforms will take center stage as business entities
  8. Churches will experience a decline in membership so severe, closings will hit double digits percentage points

Will these bets pay off in the long-run and what else might we see? Only time can tell.


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