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A Sick Theory: Curing Ron Unz of His Bioweapon Speculation

Jul 21, 2021 | Civics & Politics

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Over at, businessman-turned-journalist Ron Unz has an excellent (and lengthy) article taking apart the origins of Covid-19. Titled “American Pravda: the Covid Epidemic as Lab-Leak or Biowarfare,” it carefully charts the evolution of the corporate media and government’s story regarding the “pandemic.” But it also delves into details of Covid outbreaks globally, as well as gives us a taste of the specter of biowarfare. It’s an intelligent analysis and a well-written piece. You might even call it quite the tour-de-force for us to consider.

There’s only one problem: it’s totally wrong.

Luckily for us, the entire theory hinges on a few simple facts. And as I’ve said since last year, despite numbers being shared to the contrary, there was never any pandemic. Instead, Unz fails to ask several important questions. And he misses that we’re in the mist of a different kind of economic war which will shortly dethrone the US empire.

So, today, let’s see if we can’t punch a few holes in this theory of his.

Oh, Deadly Death, We Hold Our Breath

Unz thinks conspiracy theorists have been very naughty in their dismissal of the pandemic. You know, the totally catastrophic Blackest Death which has left piles of dead bodies rotting in the street. Are we on the 4th or the 5th wave now? I forget with all the death around us. Or at the very least, it’s completely hollowed out all the nursing homes, right?

Oh wait… we’re still holding our breath for the new bubonic plague to hit and have any noticeable effect.

Some individuals have claimed that Covid does not exist, or that it is almost harmless, being little more dangerous than the ordinary flu, with our alleged death-toll merely a product of fraud and media propaganda.

Conflicting with my early assessment in 2020, Unz notes that the final mortality statistics for that year are in. And for the US at least, we find a somewhat modest uptick in deaths. As Unz points out and has taken to posting in the comments of his articles, in 2019, we had 2,854,838 deaths. But in 2020, there are a recorded 3,384,426, with excess deaths around 500,000.

Case closed and pandemic verified? Hardly.

More on the specifics of those numbers later, but we should raise an eyebrow that these stats are being presented so crudely. “Excess deaths! Obviously Covid-19!” With an article of this length, especially of this detail, and with a diligent researcher like Unz, you would expect much more from one of its most essential pieces of information. Forget the fact that I’m surprised someone like Unz would even take anything the CDC says or publishes very seriously. (And really, aren’t these numbers a little too on-the-nose?)

Still, we can ask the easy questions related to his figures.

How much did the population increase from 2019 to 2020? (.59%, in line with a declining decade) Are there any other years where there were modest, yet commonplace upticks in death? (Yes, in fact, the age-adjusted mortality rate is in line with previous years, and the crude rate is on par with other modern decades, albeit high for the past few)  What is this whole “excess” mortality thing anyway? (A fancy prediction) And most importantly, were all these excess deaths attributed to Covid-19? (No, they God damn weren’t.)

Don’t miss this fact: excess deaths of other major types also had huge increases in 2020.

Amusingly enough though, Unz is forced to admit that these excess death numbers are pretty fucking underwhelming. More on this in a moment too. In fact, we only experienced a change from .867% to 1% in our national mortality. Is this supposed to be significant simply because we can shout “Coronadoom?!’ Truly, it goes without saying that it’s hard to get excited about a zombie apocalypse–or sorry, global multipolar biowarfare event–when we’re talking about a measly 375,000 deaths (which we’ll see briefly was probably even less than this number when you consider the nature of non-Covid excess mortality in 2020) in a country of nearly 332 million people that added 3 million of those people last year alone.

Some bio-war pandemic when we’re talking about a blip in the population!

An Omission in Admissions

Even so, Unz attempts to address this problem by suggesting that the virus was designed, not to cause untold death, but to hospitalize. And therefore, to overburden the healthcare systems (and beyond) of the targeted country. By creating something highly contagious but not lethal, in this story, governments walked the perfect balancing act between scary enough for us to notice in the death stats but not enough to be a big deal, yet good enough to devastate our systems. Are we into just-so territory yet?

Still, it’s not a bad theory, but it’s one that we can easily verify.

Furthermore, the particular features of Covid itself seem to fall into this same category. Early last year, we published the perspective of a retired forty-year veteran of American biodefense, who focused on the unusual epidemiological characteristics of the virus, which was extremely contagious but had a low fatality rate of 1% or less. As I [Unz] summarized his analysis:


One important point he made was that high lethality was often counter-productive in a bioweapon since debilitating or hospitalizing large numbers of individuals may impose far greater economic costs on a country than a biological agent which simply inflicts an equal number of deaths. In his words “a high communicability, low lethality disease is perfect for ruining an economy,” suggesting that the apparent characteristics of the coronavirus were close to optimal in this regard.

But guess what? There was a colossal decrease in expected hospitalizations in 2020.

Yes, you just read that right. 2020 hospitalizations were down far, far more than expected all year.

Remember this fact, because we’re going to return to it soon. But putting aside all the data, I want to make a comment on how transmissible the questionable Covid-19 virus was, which Unz mentions. For over a year, I spoke with large families who had a member fall sick and test positive for the illness. You can imagine how everyone braced themselves for the worst, since anyone with young children and teens knows, it is next to impossible to social distance with them and you share just about everything when you live together. Some of these families were also multi-generational households. The result?

Not one fucking one of those other family members got Covid-19… ever.

A Wise Man Once Said, “We All Dead, Fuck It”

Let’s recap briefly: so far, according to Mr. Unz’s theory, we’re dealing with a supposed bioweapon that barely shows up in the population, massively decreased hospitalizations, and doesn’t appear contagious in real life.

The kicker? Returning to the alluded to point above: 1 out of 4 excess deaths in 2020 wasn’t a result of Covid-19.

How is this relevant? While doctors have tried to claim these excess deaths, non-Covid related deaths above the anticipated number for the year, are due to early, un-diagnosed Covid-19, this is laughably easy to see through. This is strikingly silly given when we began testing any and everything that moved for the scary coronadoom. And as Unz notes in his article, you have to consider the timeline surrounding possible false positives before March of 2020, putting aside the unreliability of any of these tests for now.

No, a better explanation is that we essentially shut down our hospitals for the better part of a year.

What happens when you refuse to treat sick people with hyper tension, cancer, and who knows what else? They die. And they die in record-mother-fucking-numbers. Remember, we, as a society, basically decided not to treat anything other than Covid-19 as we experienced massively declining hospitalization rates. Said differently: there’s no reason to assume Covid-19 killed only the 1 in 4 excess deaths not attributed to the virus in 2020. And instead, it’s far more reasonable to conclude that we killed those total 500,000 excess and already-sick people, perhaps the majority of them above a normal bad flu season, by shutting down society, denying proper care, and scaring the hell out of everyone. The rest is just shitty, inaccurate testing and sick incentives to label everything under the sun as Covid-19. Don’t believe me? Simply check lockdown dates.

Basically, we wrecked the system and this is the obvious result. But it won’t be the only result.

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

If that wasn’t enough, one of Mr. Unz’s other essential points is that such a conspiracy—Covid-19 being fake—would require an immense amount of coordination, which he deems unlikely. Oddly, he does so after supporting the fact that there was widespread coordination and conspiracy to blackout dissent and control the narrative regarding the origin of the virus. You’ll forgive me if I can’t help but put a “lolwut” here.

Many activists seem to assume a unified worldwide conspiracy involving China, America, Russia, Israel, Iran, and virtually every other nation, all secretly working together to pretend that Covid is dangerous and that the vaccines against it are not, even though the truth is exactly the reverse.

One man’s coordinated national media and federal govt campaign is another man’s naughty conspiracy theory, by way of comparison. And additionally, this is to say nothing of the diverging interests of the US actors in his own “crackpot theory”. Still, every player in his theory and mine has their agenda.

But come on, do we think any of these officials believe Covid is really dangerous? This is laughable and clearly false.

Of course, you have to wonder, at least in this chapter of the story, why Unz doesn’t just ask why, really why, someone would release a bioweapon like he suggests. It’s mostly meaningless to vaguely say, as he does, because of “economic warfare” without providing some sort of plausible analysis of what the specific economic benefit or goal really is. (If Mr. Unz has outlined this in more detail, I’d be appreciative if someone highlighted it for me, in case I’ve missed it somewhere) But the fact remains, “the NeoCons hate China” or “Americans hate big Chinese GDP numbers!” sounds good but sure isn’t a very sophisticated theory given the global and entangled nature of our economies.

After all, it’s just as easy to consider that China, seeing our repo crisis emerging in September of 2019 and how the aristocratic class would do anything to make Trump lose the 2020 election, decided to launch a propaganda campaign with economic ends. Not only have they sought to better diversify their economy in the anticipation of the US loses its global status, the time was ripe due to an emerging global dollar shortage at the end of 2019. You can also see this in how they’ve quietly but clearly said they will not be coming to the world’s economic rescue this time like they have in the past. Don’t miss what I’m saying: we’re hoping and praying to God that China comes to the rescue of the global economy as it has in the past reflationary periods. But they’ve said, no.

To put this more clearly: it’s more to China’s benefit to economically attack us right now, given the dollar shortage, and not the other way around.

But really, does no one remember those early videos, a number of them widely shared, of Chinese health officials in hazmat suits spiriting away people who were convulsing and dying in the streets, sometimes even in the middle of the night?

Did you not ask yourself, doesn’t this look a little staged?

We also shouldn’t forget that it was reported that Chinese officials, on January 14th, had no evidence of human-to-human transmission. And yet just days later, on the 20th, Xi was urging that the “epidemic” be given the utmost attention. Within a week, he was standing before China saying the country was facing a grave situation after only a modest number of people had died. Unz even points out the early and extreme attention to lockdowns! For Christ’s sake, China even instructed propagandists early on to pay special mind to producing content on the effectiveness of economically devastating lockdowns.

Then on Jan. 23rd and after only 17 deaths, the Chinese government took the astonishing step of locking down and quarantining the entire 11 million inhabitants of the city of Wuhan, a story that drew worldwide attention.

But there is an even better question we can ask. Putting aside the binary nature of these options for a moment, which of these two choices do you think is more likely? The US government of 2020 was able to create the perfect bioweapon that wasn’t too deadly and targeted officials of Iranian descent but not Americans of Iranian heritage (but not, mind you, any of the officials of Chinese descent) to sink Chinese GDP but also our own?

Or that a bunch of complete fucking idiots who freak out about everything… freaked out about nothing, destroying our economy, but soon also, our status as the reserve currency of the world.

And that they were easily tricked into doing all this.


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