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If Normies and Larpers Can’t Be Convinced, What Should You Do Instead?

Jan 12, 2021 | Short-form, Social Commentary

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If you haven’t realized it yet, there was no pandemic. And there is no on-going act of insurrection taking place by dissidents, last week or up to this point. Plus, the economy is probably fractured beyond anything we can imagine.

Even as I write these facts and ponder their clarity, you also can’t help but think about their provocative nature in the 2020s. In truth, they are overwhelmingly obvious. And yet, if you suggest them, you very well might be shouted down. Or expelled from society altogether.

Still, each week, well-meaning men, often younger, come to me and ask two simple questions. How can they get through to their family and friends who don’t see the truth? And how can they break down the walls between them before it’s too late?

Just in the past week, three men of rather different backgrounds and geographic areas implored me for advice on these. And then they went on to describe their frustration over attempting these conversations and failing.

But my response is one that they have trouble accepting. More from our guest today, the Z-man.

What we are seeing is the reaction of people who are no longer engaged in normal life, but instead are playing the game of life. They are immersed in a live action role playing game operated by juvenile narcissists. The ruling class gets to imagine themselves as world historical figures and every event puts the world on a knife edge. Their actions will determine the outcome. The entire ruling class is swept up in these false dramas that they get to play, while the rest of the country suffers.


Another clue is how they echo one another in the use of dramatic language to describe mundane events. One uses some over-the-top language then the rest of them are repeating it, maybe adding on some more dramatic language. The “protest” went from “riot” to “insurrection” to “horrendous insurrection” in a few cycles. They are competing with one another to show their loyalty to the group. What matters to them in this game is the opinion of the people in the game, not the rest of us.

For anyone with commonsense, it’s clear what unites the chaos of our times is a deep-seated fever dream. In it, influence and advantage are gained through an intense denial of reality. This, a spiraling escalation of gaslighting your fellow man into total submission, even complete un-personing. And everyone’s playing along to some degree. You might also get the feeling, lately, that they like being part of the performance.

More to the point: our society’s currency is no long only politically correct outrage. Instead, it’s also acting as if you’re insane.

With this in mind, what do you think the chances are that you’re going to get through to your normie friends and family? What could you really say that would make them give up a larping fantasy they’re actively participating in with their branded masks and newly minted stimulus money?

The practical answers are that you probably can’t get through and that there’s nothing you can really say. If they don’t see it now, at the extremes, they probably never will. Consider: the blatant contradictions between reality and the official story hasn’t convince them. And in most cases, they aren’t looking for answers, of any kind.

That’s the hard part these men have trouble accepting. But the truth is a good deal more troubling.

Take one part of my family, for instance. They’re conservative, Fox News watching normies. When they go to the store, they wear their masks out of respect for the rules of the private business. And they believe that the woke in our family will suddenly come to their senses when “things get bad enough.”

In this world, that thinking will put you at great peril. And at a great disadvantage.

On the one hand, it’s easy to point out that your woke family might come to their senses one day. But in reality, by the time they do, it will probably be too late for you or them to do anything about it. And, if history is any guide, their epiphany might not come until they themselves are being un-personed or maybe even liquidated, if then.

On the other hand, those conservative family members, despite their ranting and raving about their fears that this is the end, can’t be inconvenienced to give up Amazon or Google. And they most certainly aren’t ready or preparing themselves for the economic or informational warfare the elite class is waging. Some of them can’t even be bothered to stop posting on the very platforms that censor them.

Putting aside that they’re family, do these sound like reliable allies to you?

In the end, you could probably create a list a mile long with similar examples. On mine, I’d also include people who consider themselves close to me but who, in the midst of history defining events and possible physical risk, can’t bring themselves to have any conversation about the issues.

Zero. Zip. Nada. And you’re going to count on people like these when life gets to its worst? I don’t think so.

You can also add to the list all those people who casually text you to try to stay on your good side. After all, for example, they know you have an interest in survival type skills, and you seem to be financially stable. In their minds, those occasional texts opt them out of any hard work and ensure you’ll save them if it gets bad enough.

Then there’s the people who don’t respond back. Or who talk about preparing but never seem to follow through. Whatever the reason, they can’t get their life together beyond the routine basics. And that’s probably never going to change.

So, if you can’t convince the people you know to take simple action now with the chaos happening, what are the chances they ever will? More importantly, what do you do instead of trying to convince them?

First, you stop wasting your time. If events are any guide, our societal situation is likely to get worse. And your time is one of your most valuable resources right now.

Then you get very clear about who your allies are or could be. And only actions matter, not words.

Next, you devote every moment to finding those allies and strengthening those relationships. You also begin the real work of making yourself (and those you’re directly responsible for) extremely resilient. In this way, you should be brainstorming how things might unfold, locally and globally. And you should be making the best plans you can to deal with whatever might be coming your way.

If you’re new to the game of chaos, don’t get overwhelmed. Look at what you can control each day, and take, at the very least, a single step to move forward your plans to be in a better situation. Also, immediately start learning the new rules of the game.

Really, this is all any of us can do.


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