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A Month-Long Corporate Event of Woke-ish Fake Empathy

Jun 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

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Last week, we saw how it’s misguided for dissidents to call woke-ism, including the liberal obsession with the pandemic and masking, a religious phenomenon. Sure, this explanation sounds good on the surface and makes for easy comparisons. But not only does it not meet a more sophisticated understanding of religious belief, it also flies in the face of commonplace religious commitment too.

Or said differently: no one thinks the woke among us will sacrifice much for their beliefs, let alone die for them the way Christians, for example, have historically done so. Instead, they almost always and exclusively prefer others to make the sacrifices. On the scale of dedication to your beliefs, they often fall very short, preferring feel-good signaling over sincere substance. In fact, it’s likely that most of the woke don’t actually believe anything they say.

And this month, being “Pride” month, you’re going to be treated to many examples of this truth. Take for instance, for today’s example, the corporate love-affair with a range of woke sexual platforms. Notice anything interesting but obvious about the image below?

Images like this one make it fairly clear that most corporations are pushing these beliefs because it’s convenient. And if you’ve ever met an executive or two, you learn pretty quickly that they’re not much different than politicians these days. Insulated, gimmick-loving, single-track minded, and often a little psychopathic. They tend to spend more time viewing people as instruments to their agenda while compromising their own principles (and dreaming of how to suck at the government teet themselves). And so, from my experience, they develop very anti-social views of the world. This is equally as true in the for-profit and non-profit worlds.

But they need to seem human, so these cheap throw-away gestures, like changing social media icons or having the CEO tweet a woke platitude, are one of the easiest routes.

Of course, we should also note that a multi-national conglomerate isn’t just its C-suite. However, the same idea generally holds true for corporate drones, from the HR department to middle management. They too need to broadcast that they’re not just faceless borg in an ever-expanding amoral machine. No, can’t you see, you fundamentalist? They updated their profile picture to the latest woke cause! They’re people too and they care, God dammit!

This is little more than fake empathy that we’ve been over-saturated with.

Nevertheless, somewhere in the bowels of the machine that are these corporate leviathans, they know that they’re all being just a bit hypocritical with their crusades. And in turn, since they often display no concern about this hypocrisy, disingenuous about what they believe as well. This is one of the reasons why conservatives and sane people are often tempted, to no avail and no effect, to claim the “libs R the real racists!” or similar. Not only is this a misguided strategy, it also assumes the other side is being at all honest in what they say they believe. They’re not, and this is further evidence that their beliefs don’t rise to the status of religious conviction.

Either way, the corporations make it quite evident, at least among these white-collar-type demographics, that even changing social media icons can be too much of a sacrifice sometimes.

But also, it shows how standing firm in your actual religious beliefs is all it can take.


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