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Mapping Chaos: Missteps & Live Election Coverage

Nov 3, 2020 | Civics & Politics, Short-form

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As one of probably the only very true neutral independents in the room, I’ve always found it fascinating to see how different political interests view each other. And which side they believe I’m on for any given issue. Of course, now that it’s “go time,” everyone has squared off on their predictions. And people are pulling up live election coverage and any maps they can find, left and right, to follow along as the votes role in.

Since I’m in Florida, this data website is up right now on my computer. And yes, I’m aware that it doesn’t havethe most neutral name ever like But its analysis of Joe’s misstep is probably spot-on.

The MSM has convinced Democrats voting in person is dangerous

It is well known that the MSM has made a massive push to get Americans to vote by mail. Thus far, this push has been effective on Democrats, but not so much Republican.


The percent of Democrats intending to vote by mail rises to 57% in battleground states, which have remained locked down for the most part. Source

Polls show that Democrats strongly believe that voting is a health risk.

63% of Democrats believe voting is a health risk

Sixty-three percent of Democrats believe voting is dangerous Source

Given these priors, it seems exceedingly unlikely that Democrats are inclined to go out and vote during Election Day. Joe Biden must get the majority of Democrats to vote by mail!

After all, if you scare your own voters into not showing up in person… you better bring the God damn best A game with mail-in ballots. And it’s doubtful the Democrats could bring those numbers to a sufficient point to win. (The site explores this in more detail.)

Plus, when you stack up where it matters… the Democrats mail-in performance with Trump’s ground-game performance… well, after seeing the number of rallies and the turnout Trump has gotten over the past week or two, I’m confident in my original estimate that Trump is going to win in a blow out.

Where to Get Live Election Coverage, Whoever You Are

But let’s get on with the show. Below are various links for live election coverage, no matter who you are.

For pop data scientists: There’s Five Thirty Eight

For the normies: find your way over to CNN

For highbrow centrists: NPR might be to your liking

For boomer conservatives: is there anywhere else but Fox News?

For business-minded folks: you might want to try the Wall Street Journal

For champagne liberals: there is no other choice but the NYT or maybe even the New Yorker

For mostly neutral people: Reuters is a good choice.

Edit: Video Channels

Fox –
Huffington Post –
Reuters –
USA Today –
Washington Post –


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