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Mainstream Conservatism Has Become Completely Irrelevant

Jul 12, 2021 | Civics & Politics

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Starting this week, the news media is abuzz about a couple of stories coming out of the Conservative Political Action Conference, otherwise better known as CPAC. Typically a conversation piece around this time, it seems to always come with articles pontificating on the trends of the day within conservative circles. And without question, there are two stories that seem to be on almost everyone’s mind after this year’s event (plus a third by proxy of how it’s not being talked about).

First, the canceling of Nick Fuentes at the conference and his ban from Twitter is the topic I’m seeing capture the most attention in conversations. Branded a political pariah by just about every platform in existence, Fuentes was quick to point out the irony of being a conservative canceled by a conference called “America UnCancelled.” It’s true that there’s always something to be said for how moderates expel the more radical in their movements, if only to maintain credibility. Still, it’s becoming more obvious to the everyday man that merely asking basic questions or proposing inconvenient possibilities will get you de-platformed, not just by liberals, but also by so-called mainstream conservatives.

You don’t have to look any further for this truth than the inclusion of Bruce fucking Jenner into the allegedly conservative event, something Fuentes aggressively drew attention to. Although it’s been something of a joke on the dissident right for years to observe how conservatives don’t conserve anything or how they’re exactly like liberals just a little slower, the embracing of a transgendered Hollywood Baby Boomer under the guise of traditional values is laughably blatant even to the most normie of individuals. Yet, the bigwigs seem to be mouthing their approval and acceptance of Jenner like it’s no big deal. Welcome to mainstream conservatism today.

But probably most telling about the event is Trump’s seeming triviality to the conversation. Although he appears to be trying to stay relevant, almost every one of his efforts to stay in the political spotlight are met with denouncements from a large majority of his male base. Simply browse the comments section of any alternative media site discussing his latest announcement or press releases, and you’ll see how most men want Trump to fade into the background or go away entirely. Many are pointing out, for example, now that The Donald is finally talking out about his supporters who were jailed due to the January 6th Capitol protest that he could have obviously done something for them while he was still in charge. Increasingly, his supporters view his schtick as PR to gain acceptance again and not much more. And really, would anyone be surprised at this point to see Trump outright endorse Jenner?

The reality here is that Trump’s base, outside of Fox News Boomers, has largely turned away from him. In reality, he’s no longer a substantive part of the conversation for most conservative men, especially younger ones. Despite having the PR chops, he has made it clear, as have many conservative public figures, that men on the right are merely being used as clickbait in the culture wars or in advance of a personal grift. And while Mr. Fuentes may take what some would call extreme positions, nothing he says is that shocking or surprising. Or at least, after a year of color revolutions and an absolute onslaught of LGBTQA+ corporate propaganda, among other developments, his rhetoric isn’t shocking in the 2021 political landscape. However you feel about Fuente’s brand of political conservatism, men want answers and solutions. And they want them now. Fuentes is one figure bringing them, even as he pays homage to a Trumpian legacy that only remains pertinent as mythos . Yet, with CPAC, we clearly have the juxtaposition of two very different conservative voices, Fuentes and Jenner, as the focal point of party politics going forward.

Who would you bet that young men will choose next when it comes to their political future?

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  1. Conservatism is stupid. They’re trying to “conserve” a set of values entirely predicated on change. The rights in the Declaration of Independence are just as big a part of the progressive ideology as any of the nonsense we see now. They’re all enlightenment ideals, all based on endless progress; meaningless, undirected, godless change. Its nihilism at is core. You can’t conserve something that is based in change, it doesn’t work that way.

    “Freedom of Speech” is just False Witness by another name. “Freedom of Religion” is just nihilism enshrined as an ultimate good.

    Yeah, I’m not a Conservative, or a Libertardian. America is stupid and its gonna burn.

    The king is dead, long live the king:


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