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In Case You Needed Any More Evidence that “Science” Doesn’t Actually Mean Anything

May 27, 2021 | Civics & Politics

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In the past decade, skeptics have noticed a rather troubling fact about contemporary science, including medicine. That is, when attempts are made to check reproducibility, one of the gold standards for empirical study, in published research, a majority completely fails the test. And this is occurring even in some of the most important research around various fields, from psychology to medicine.

What am I saying? Research has clearly shown that published science is often total bullshit.

Then again, the past year has churned out a number of new dissidents who are discovering this fact first hand regarding medical science. Certainly, there’s nothing like everyone shouting down any and every question about a supposed pandemic with phrases like “TRUST THE SCIENCE!” and “CONSPIRACY THEORY!” to make a person wonder if there’s something else going on. If you haven’t yet wondered whether you’re being lied to yet on that subject…you’re quite literally an idiot.

Even so, any intelligent person who’s talked to a doctor for more than five minutes knows that they too are often poorly informed blockheads with shitty reasoning skills. But a good many are also outright liars with their own agenda. At least in my family’s case, when it comes to medicine, we started losing what little faith we had left when our pediatrician at the time flatly lied to us.

The story for us is plain enough: when we asked–merely asked–about the necessity of the chickenpox vaccine several years ago, we were literally shouted down as “neanderthals” and “anti-vaxxers” in the doctor’s office. This despite the fact that we otherwise vaccinated our children. And to add icing to the proverbial cake, the doctor then claimed that 10s of thousands of children still die each year in the United States from the disease.

Now, that’s a very easily verifiable statement.

And in this instance, what our well-respected doctor told us is a bald-faced lie. It would have been a grossly ridiculous lie even in the times before the chickenpox vaccine. So, then what happened when we tried to switch pediatricians? We were denied by 98% of the doctors in our greater metropolitan area simply because we weren’t sure if we wanted to do the chickenpox vaccine. And again, our simple questions were met with deception and political agendas.

It was always quite surprising to me how quickly we were shut down in this situation, especially given that my wife and I dress in a refined, upscale sort of way.

But now, this year and for the first time, we can contrast these sorts of stories, simple in nature and becoming more widespread, to how “conspiracy theory communities” operate when talking about science. While you might be tempted, if you’re still weaning yourself off of being a common man, to think dissident communities are all rumors or nonsense stories, think again.

And the money shot from the research put out by the ever-authoritative MIT?

Far from ignoring scientific evidence to argue for individual freedom, antimaskers often engage deeply with public datasets and make what we call “counter-visualizations”–visualizations using orthodox methods to make unorthodox arguments–to challenge mainstream narratives that the pandemic is urgent and ongoing. By asking community members to ‘follow the data,’ these groups mobilize data visualizations to support significant local changes.

Don’t miss what’s being said here: skeptics employ science in service of the truth, free from institutional political agendas, but also in an incredibly deep and meaningful way to affect real-world changes.

And this surprises the hell out of the technocrats up in those ivory towers.

Amusingly, however, the authors still conclude that “disinformation” based on actual critical thinking and scientific processes is bad because… well, because. They even hilariously manage to throw in a reference to the fake Jan. 6th “insurrection” event as an example of how bad this way of thinking actually is. Talk about a political agenda! Still, the conclusion is indisputable despite the irony, and I’ll venture a hypothesis of my own from it…

For most people, “science” means nothing. It has become little more than an appeal to the authority of intuitions that no longer garner much actual trust in our society. Or it’s not much more than a demand to submit to their favorite technocratic cult personality. And although we’re still discovering how many people are absolutely stupid enough to to take the risk of becoming a scientific experiment for Big Pharma by getting jabbed by a largely untested medical injection, it gets much, much worse.

For most experts, who are realizing the power in these appeals to authority, it’s likely “science,” however dressed up, has become nothing more than a hammer to beat others into submission.

But don’t take my word for it. Next time someone brings up “the science,” simply ask them a basic question or two.

Then verify and analyze what comes out of their damn mouths.


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