For uncommon men, commentary & analysis in business, politics, & society to explore on-the-ground challenges in your life.

Who is your writing really for?

The articles on this blog are aimed at men who are skeptical of the common stories that saturate our society. From business to politics and philanthropy to personal development, we’re trying to cut through the bullshit to figure out what’s going on…and what we should do about it.

What makes you qualified to listen to as opposed to anyone else?

To answer this one, most people list all their awards & big titles. But that’s not my style. I’m not much different than you are. I’ve owned some businesses, worked in my community, & read a lot of books. Oh, and I pay attention & speak my mind to help others from what I’ve learned. That’s it. Listen if you find it helpful.

When do you publish your blog?

Regularly and at least a couple times a week. But I aim for Monday through Friday. Short-form pieces are Monday to Thursday. And Friday is reserved for long-form pieces.

How can I send you a question?

If you have a question, please email & keep it brief and preferably interesting.

Where are you on the political spectrum and are you religious?

Yes, I’m a devout Christian who considers himself politically pragmatic. This means I consider most conversations about society or politics to be way off the mark. 

How can my org work with you?

If you’re an organizational leader and you believe there’s mutual benefit, please reach out with an email to; however, these opportunities are only on a select basis for organizational development and business logistics. Engagements are on a limited availability with a preference for long-term relationships, good values, & achievable objectives for organizations with strong missions.

Will you look at my business plan?

No, probably not. 

How can we set up a speakership?

Currently, my schedule doesn’t allow for speaking engagements unless we have an established