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Where Should You Focus Your Time and Energy in Clown World? (Warning: Extreme Honks Ahead)

Jul 14, 2021 | Society and Culture

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In any given week, you can pull up the news and have your pick of dreary events. Or at this point, you can even easily find flat-out ridiculous mainstream stories with no basis in reality, peppered with ludicrous things reported as if they’re perfectly normal. This is Clown World in the 21st Century. And it’s as true if you’re following the financial media or the political world. But it’s especially true if you follow popular culture or society news.

Case in point, below, to illustrate just where we’re at when it comes to the applauding of the most deviant public spectacles. (Caution: if you’re religious, as many of my readers are, or sane in any way, you may want to brace yourself before watching the tweeted video or any in its thread).

And to make sure we’re on the same page here, let’s have another sample of how bad it’s getting out there in Clown World. On the other far end of the spectrum, you just have completely stupid shit like this one below. Although I have a difficult time accepting this video is real, simply watch closely.

Did I not promise you extreme honks today? Are you not sufficiently entertained by the depravity of Clown World?

Of course, it’s not like it’s a slow news week. I could have easily chosen to write about the absolute chaos, destruction, and violence coming out of South Africa this week. Or how there’s also the mass protests in France that the corporate media is ignoring, as the country appears to be moving toward mandatory vaccines for their citizens. Or alarmingly, how the current administration in the US will be sending Covidians door-to-door while also monitoring your private texts. Likewise, there’s always shenanigans from the dip-shits at the Fed that we could talk about.

But these are a small sample of the things regular men know nothings about, taking place right now.Β Still, why would I subjugate you (and myself) today to this sort of blatantly insane content in those tweets?

Most men and women in Clown World have a very sanitized view of society. Through normalcy bias and sheer refusal to consider what’s happening around them, they remain locked in denial, not only about where the US and the world are headed, but also, where it has decidedly already arrived at. This phenomena takes place all along the demographic and political spectrum. And is one of the reasons why regular men can so easily dismiss “conspiracy theories,” even as these unfold before us in real time.

On the other side, you have those in charge, an elite class obsessed with railing on about how people are “radicalized” against their aristocratic, self-serving interests and agendas. With this rhetoric in hand, they censor social media platforms and dictate what can or can’t be said on corporate media. Although memes have proven an effective tool for informing people about the implications of current social trends, they do carry limited effectiveness since they rely on wittiness and brevity. Plus, it’s easy to ignore the latest meme, exactly like regular men ignore political news or monetary trends.

You want to slice through both these problems at once? Share those tweets or similar with people.

Because the mainstream agenda relies almost exclusively on inversion, their own insanity is the best message to expose Clown World. And for any normal person, it can be very difficult to look past what’s happening in each of those videos. It can also be very hard to dismiss that it–whatever they label as conspiracy theory this week–isn’t happening. Although the aristocratic class can censor and oppress and the normies can attempt to downplay developments, society’s own perverse propaganda and their desire to laud it publicly, even insisting children see it, is challenging to rationalize or look away from.

This is where where are. This is the utopia the technocrats and experts have built for us.

Take a good hard look at it, motherfuckers.

However, there is one final point today, especially for good men. Overwhelmingly, it’s important to understand what the world is really like. And not to forget it. This is also, for example, one of the reasons men will sometimes share brutal videos with each other. Once you’ve seen a Middle Eastern beheading of a Christian or a cartel torture video, for instance, you’re very inclined to understand just what level mankind has taken barbarism, mercilessness, and bloodthirsty behavior. While you don’t want to get lost in this sort of unfortunate content, it can be illustrative, notably for what is publicly uplifted or not.

Those tweeted videos above are the equivalent of extreme gore: once you’ve seen it, your youthful naivete melts away forever. No more explanation or exposition is needed.

So, once you’ve come to terms with Clown World, what about where you should focus your time and energy then?

Here, I’m reminded of several of my closest friends who are profoundly affected by how bad and inverted the world is getting. Even religious men can struggle in their everyday lives. And I’d like to offer some general advice for you on that note. After all, Clown World can be one depressing place for anyone paying attention.

The best you can do is to focus on what you can control to better your life. And to make progress in it everyday, little by little. If the above sort of content particularly bothers you, it’s best to disconnect regularly. This is probably good advice for almost everyone out there. Regular men drown themselves in ignorance, but as an uncommon man, you must gain perspective even as you use that perspective to strengthen your own character and values.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt, if you aren’t religious, to start considering this topic–your relationship with God–immediately in the face of such unmistakable evil. You can do this best by creating routines away from corporate media and news and where the focus is on finding edification. Still, summing up, you want to continue educating yourself about what’s happening in society, but your focus should be, not on overlooking it or pretending it’s not happening. But instead, on avoiding it or safeguarding your family against it.

You are the bulwark, absorbing the nastiness of it all, so your family doesn’t need to.

But the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to surround yourself with good, resilient men and each day, to imagine a better future, either for yourself, your children, or your grandchildren.

And then to get to work making that future a possibility for them.

It may be tempting to worry about how you and I may never see the far-off, future grandeur of the tiny saplings we plant today. But make no mistake: in time, they will grow into mighty, unyielding oaks. And our descendants will praise God for the work we’ve done, however momentary or fleeting it may feel to us.

After all, we Christian men know that the war is already won. All that’s needed is for us to stand firm.


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