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Empire’s End: Where Will You Go When the World Comes Apart?

Feb 1, 2021 | Household & Family

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By now, you’ve probably noticed that only the most normie of normies doesn’t think something screwy is going on in our society. Or that they shouldn’t be worried about it. Whether it’s the political rhetoric or the economic data, most people now suspect our institutions are quite literally coming apart at the seams. And that it’s probably going to affect your life in a big way sooner rather than later.

And at least in part, a common thread in my everyday conversations is where you’re suppose to go if things get worse. By now, you’ve probably heard all the boilerplate plans from friends or family: isolated, rural properties; different states; different countries; building enclaves; bugging in; bugging out; hiding in the woods if it comes to that. But having grown up in a prepper household, I’ve always been very skeptical about these sorts of plans.

Now, my intent is not to get into a debate here about prepping. This isn’t a survivalist blog by any means. Still, I can promise you, from a strategical or logistically perspective, that your friends or family are misguided in their “plans.” And I put “plans” in quotes simply because what they’re talking about isn’t much of a plan.

Consider it for a moment. If you’ve never built a fire, let alone hunted anything, how do you intend to make it in the wilderness past a few weeks? Staying out in the wild for extended periods is not the same as camping at the KOA. Or what if you’ve never talked to your neighbors, yet now you think you’re going to build a rural community from scratch with some random people you just met on Facebook?

Let’s be real. Because we probably don’t have time for sugar coating.

And these are only a sample from the real conversations I’ve recently had. Strategically, it shows how naive people are in how they’re trying to grapple with the failure of our institutions. And although something is better than nothing, I imagine that if things get really bad, a million people might find themselves out in the woods together, fighting over how to cook the last squirrel before they starve to death.

So, where are you supposed to go if you consider yourself more of a nonconformist in our modern clown world?

Dealing with a chaotic society and predicting its direction is complex. With that in mind, I shouldn’t have to say that there is no silver bullet. If you’re familiar with prepping, you know that there are endless rabbit holes to go down for it. Much to my amusement, one of my family members spent their entire life planning for nuclear Armageddon, only to be completely and totally unprepared for the natural disaster that hit their area only a few years ago.

While that story is probably for another day, it shows how silly yet dangerous we can be in that naivety.

10 Worst States

Yet, for uncommon men, there is a choice that has a higher chances of success for many of the different scenarios we’re currently facing. And it’s not moving to Florida, where all the New Yorkers will turn it into California before you can blink an eye. And trust me, they will turn it into the same sort of shithole soon enough.

In reality, you should stay wherever the people you trust most already are. And chances are, that’s where you’re living right now. That sense of trust, and strengthening it, will serve you far better than being isolated in some state or country where you don’t know anyone or anything about the area. And this can ensure that you have someone to lean on no matter what the situation.

Whatever you do though, don’t mistake your friends on Facebook as reliable allies.

What if you don’t have anyone you trust where you are? Then your second best option is to find a very small community of people who are wary of outsiders. And who share most of the values you have. The community should have enough nearby farmland to sustain itself if cut off from supply chains. And enough internal economic activity to keep things moving forward in the case of the United States fully sliding into third world status.

And their values should bind them together.

Of course, there are other considerations to choosing a place like this. But a community like this one is likely to fly under-the-radar whether society disintegrates or whether it becomes more totalitarian in nature. However, let’s not leave out the biggest factor to take into account no matter what choice you make.

And that’s you. Yes, you!

Unless you’re fully ready to integrate yourself into the culture and place of that community, for example, you are very unlikely to be accepted. And you will merely bring with you the same problems you’re leaving behind, as fleeing Californians are often accused of doing. At the same time, if you’re ready to abandon the place you’re in now and the people you know best, shouldn’t you look inward for a moment and consider why that is?

And whether you’ve been part of the problem all these years?

Indeed, whatever happens, remember, history tell us that there is no perfect place to ride out a cyclone. On the one hand, there were entire families secretly reporting on each other before the Berlin Wall fell. And on the other hand, the Orthodox Christians were terrifyingly pursued deep into the woods during persecution in Russia in the early 1900s.

In the end, there is only you and those you trust most. Oh, and whatever you’re willing to do to survive.


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