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This Year Confirmed 6 Facts for Me About Human Nature and Our Society

Dec 29, 2020 | Short-form, Trendwatching

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Right now, you can find now shortage of articles about how unprecedented 2020 was. And no end to so-called experts insisting that the year was extraordinary. Stock market crashes! Pandemics! And burning cities! Oh my!

But I’m here to tell you that what they’re saying is 100% wrong.

2020 was a year that confirmed more than a few suspicions of, not just mine, but several communities on the fringe. And in every case, most people could have seen it coming from afar. In fact, many of you actually did.

So, what could the world have better predicted for 2020 if they had only paid more attention?

  1. The Great Recession never left us, and it will be worse next time around

For a decade, my family planned for a return to economic chaos. Only a handful of months before the economic fallout from the lockdowns, I warned our own city officials that they were making a dire mistake by planning for the best year ever with their budget. But everyone said it was all good even though it was obvious that it wasn’t.

  1. What is left of many of our communities is completely atomized and hollow

Although not everywhere has been cannibalized yet, it’s very close. By 2018, my family was looking to move out of our small, gentrifying exo-burb. In the wake of hyperglobalization here, there was little more than soulless craft breweries, lame Facebook groups, politically correct slogans, and luxury condos. What did we get in 2020? More of the same, plus crony bailouts.

  1. Many people have few values and zero plans beyond dependency on a corrupt oligarchy

For those of you who have ever done any prepping, you already knew that people generally aren’t the paragon of ethics they claim to be. This year, we got verification that large swaths of the public can’t be counted on. Millennials will use unemployment for small gains trading stocks, and Boomers will find any excuse to bankrupt our future for themselves.

Worse, everyone is fine being at the whims of and beholden to the elite class. Often, they believe that they’re resisting as they secretly complain, but in reality, they are in total compliance with the corrupt system. Few are willing to take a stand or live out their principles when it becomes difficult.

  1. The managerial class has become self-aware of their political power, and they like it

Many of you suspected the technocratic class and their lackeys were largely godless, evil men and women. And this year, we got to see it come out in full force. After decades of watching the exploitative capture of industry, we’re all very familiar with this new political reality. And the destruction that it brings with it.

  1. Nothing on the news media has any relationship to reality

Nearly a decade ago, I stopped regularly reading the corporate news. What was the point? Friends would raise an eyebrow when I called sources like the New York Times or Fox News complete trash. By 2020, I could barely bring myself to glance at the major headlines anymore. In 2020, more people woke up to what you and I were already well aware of.

  1. We’re going to have to make some incredibly difficult decisions in our lifetime

The systems of our society have been on a one-way track to dysfunction since as long as I can remember. And even though conspiracy theorists have said we’d be facing the end-of-the-world any day now for decades, something else is clearer.

Much of the globe had enjoyed a relative period of stability and wealth for decades. But that period came to an end sometime in the 1980s or 1990s. And we are now living through the time of mania to preserve whatever is left of the system even as it cannibalizes itself and returns us to more feudalized, more dangerous times.

Only the future will tell if we’re up to the individual and collective challenges we’ll surely face.


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