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3 Key Business Actions This Week: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Dec 22, 2020 | Business & Enterprise, Short-form

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With the holiday week, things are mostly quiet. Although some are still at work, many of the professionals I know have checked out of the office already. Even so, we have a few goings-on and some worthwhile tips to strengthen your business this week.

Politics: expect some bombshells to be dropped as we near the electoral count day. My guess is that we’ll see some scandalous fraud headlines. And don’t discount or tune out the probably very large protest coming up in DC. If this turns into a contested election, the media won’t be able to ignore it. And it might get ugly.

On the economic front, the (next) stimulus bill has finally passed after much gridlock. To start, it’s a pork-filled, cotton candy giveaway of failure and free shit. And it looks like Trump might veto it. Although I know some business owners happy they can tap some more money, it’s a clear sign that everyone’s drunk around the punchbowl. And the party is winding down to its end.

For cultural and social matters, international flights have been suspended into the UK over concerns about a SUPER TOTALLY CONTAGIOUS FORM of Covid-19. Right… I won’t hold my breath. Still, Italy also went back into lockdown. Whether governments put the boot down again remains to be seen.

3 Key Actions You Can Take to Strengthen Your Business This Week

  • Check your cashflow as we close out the year

We talked last week about ensuring you’re familiar with business taxes. And now, this week, you can take an easy step so you don’t get further blindsided. When it comes time to pay that tax bill, you’ll be glad you already checked in on your cashflow in these final weeks of 2020.

  • Make sure you’ve updated your holiday hours online

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve showed up a couple days before Christmas or even the weekend after for some good cheer, only to find a business closed. Having incorrectly listed hours on your website, social media, or search presence is a surefire way for customers never to return. And it only takes a moment to update them.

  • Spend time with family

Good businessowners and executives are notorious for working too much. And in reality, the work never ends. Do yourself a favor, for your own well-being, spend extra time with family this week. Even a brief pause will help mitigate burnout and set the stage for the upcoming new year.


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