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3 Key Business Actions This Week: The Oligarchy Has Spoken and They’ve Said STFU

Jan 11, 2021 | Business & Enterprise, Short-form

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Benefit each week from the many regular conversations I have while mentoring businessowners across the nation. Every Monday, we boil down all these conversations, then we take stock of 3 easy-to-deploy steps you can put to work when you own a business, small or medium-sized, in any industry. How can you be part of the conversation? Hit me with a short email.

Much has happened in the past week on the national stage. But make no mistake, these events might have the biggest effect on your business. And bigger than you might ever imagine.

Politics: I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone about the events at the Capitol last week. And for most of my readers, I suspect that they know the corporate media’s spin on everything isn’t simply wrong. No, it’s damn dangerous. Although there’s still chatter on the web about the possibility of the Insurrection Act, I’m not taking any of this stuff seriously. Still, the oligarchy has made it clear: if you have the wrong views, prepare for your life to be ruined—every part of it, including business.

Economics: It seems now that the electoral vote is over, the $2,000 stimulus checks—really aid, not stimulus—are back on the table for a fast-track. But at the top of my list is the big jobs miss we saw last week as well. From my conversations, it seems more people are finally waking up to the ridiculous damage we’ve done to to Main Street with lockdowns and masking.

Culture and society: while it’s still political in nature, the world is abuzz with what it means now that you won’t be allowed to disagree with official party line anymore. And the fallout is rather obvious: conservatives and dissidents are dumping all the big companies ASAP. We’re in the process ourselves of getting rid of the very last few we’ve been using these past few years.

3 Key Actions You Can Take to Strengthen Your Business This Week

  • Scrutinize your communication platforms and processes

And for this one, we’re talking about your business communications and your personal. With the current un-personing purge going on, you’ll want to know where you stand on information leakage. Now is the time to get a very good sense of what you’ve shared and how you’ve been sharing. And to decide what risk level your comfortable with if all your conversations got out. Yes, and I do mean all.

  • Strap in and prepare for the very worst business-wise

We’ve talked a lot about mentally preparing yourself and your staff for a rocky year. But after this past week, this concern has been turned up all the way. At this moment, something your staff member says or something you said years ago could get your business destroyed. Or close to it. Still, in this case, I don’t advocate backing away from your beliefs or values. If anything, spend some time getting clear with yourself and being prepared for the new ideological purge.

  • Deploy and secure secondary backup business services

Recently, I advised you that banking de-platformings were on the way sooner rather than later. And now, that time has arrived. If you haven’t already, you should begin the process of securing secondary infrastructure for your business. Whether we’re talking about creating a basic hosting account for your site to migrate to if needed or signing up with a separate payment process, getting these accounts ready is of utmost priority. While this may sound alarmist to some, the actions and rhetoric of the past week suggest that you’ll be doing your business a big favor with this one.


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