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3 Key Business Actions This Week: Setting the Stage for the Year

Jan 4, 2021 | Business & Enterprise, Short-form

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Benefit each week from the many regular conversations I have while mentoring businessowners across the nation. Every Monday, we boil down all these conversations, then we take stock of 3 easy-to-deploy steps you can put to work when you own a business, small or medium-sized, in any industry. How can you be part of the conversation? Hit me with a short email.

All eyes on the electoral count this week. At least, that’s probably going to be the biggest political news. And there’s more than a few politicians claiming they’ll contest the results of the election. Although it’s unclear which way things will go, normies, having been sheltered by the media from recent events, may be in for a surprise either way.

On economics, we’re still staring a lot of deflationary forces in the face. While de-growth has accomplished some modest price increases, government aid seems to have been the primary driver up until this point. Still, I’ve been watching, along with everyone else, the climb of Bitcoin. Somehow, I don’t think the price is a result of people abandoning ship due to fear of hyper-inflation. But we’ll see.

And for culture: It’s become clear in my local area that people are growing very weary of draconian policies from fear-mongering experts and technocrats. And even though we’ve seen some business resistance in pockets across the nation, this video from Canada speaks volumes about where we are at with things. It’s likely, soon enough, many more men like these will begin openly resisting the tyranny of Covid-19.

3 Key Actions You Can Take to Strengthen Your Business This Week

  • Re-envision your business’ purpose

After putting last year’s craziness behind us, it’s worth taking a moment away from all the chaos. And re-tooling your business purpose. Now, we’re not talking about simply throwing your mission out the window, if you have a clearly defined one. But in light of all the change this year, we are talking about looking at it to see if it needs to be pruned, shifted, or expanded on, for your clarity and your staff’s. And you should know getting it right is at the top of my list this week.

  • Plan a solid, company-wide pep talk meeting

Whether you have 200 employees or it’s only you, breaking in the new year with a pep talk can never hurt. This is especially true now more than ever. And really, you can keep things short and sweet when it comes to defining, for everyone involved, the state of the company and its direction. That re-envisioned purpose might come in handy. But don’t forget to share a realistic, yet optimistic vision for how you see your team winning the game. In my career, I’ve seen this help ease the minds of staff who want to know a strong leader is at the helm, and that leader isn’t afraid to command.

  • Start reaching out to your contact list

Last week, we talked about prioritizing your customer or client contact list. Now, jump on that phone and start connecting. And it’s doesn’t have to be sales-related at all. While revenue might be on your mind, people have a lot on their minds right now too, beyond even business. Tap into that energy and ensure that you’re keeping your network strong and your name out front. This year, it could make all the difference. For me, I’m simply reaching out to a number of people to ask what’s on their mind. And it’s that easy.


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